Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vege Wrap - Diet owh!

the Ingredients:

tortilla wraps

Mayo Spread

Grounded Black Pepper

Nachos, crushed into bits

chopped salad

tomato, sliced

pickled olives, sliced

BBQ sauce (optional)

Cheese Slice, torn into small pieces

Cold Cuts (optional)

Sliced Cucumber (optional)

Sliced Capsicum (optional)

Sliced Carrots (optional

Sliced Onions (Optional)
How to Prepare it:

  1. heat the tortilla wrap in the oven for 30 seconds
  2. spread the mayo on the unheated side. garnish with bbq sauce
  3. arrange all the salad, vege, crushed nachos and cold cuts into the wrap
  4. sprinkle ground black pepper and season with a spoonful of olive oil (optional)
  5. sprinkle cheese powder or cheese slice torn in small pieces
  6. roll the wrap and serve!

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