Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fussilini Pasta Olio Simplified

it frustrates me when a notion  to cook something struck but i couldn't find the recipe in my (many) cook books. so i resorted to Google+ for the recipe just to know the gist and voila! the adventure for another campak-campak recipe begins. this time it's pasta olio :)

the Ingredients:

1 medium bowl of fussilini or easily known as spring pasta

other type of pasta to choose if you run out on fussilini

deshelled and deveined prawns. many of them to increase the seafood presence and taste
3 spoons of olive oil

4 garlic, smashed

i usually use chicken granules but this recipe should require anchovy granules instead as it's a seafood dish
mixed herbs to give you that Italian taste
sliced frankfurters (optional)

dash of ground black pepper, to taste

half spoon of salt

sliced black olives (optional)
many type of fish balls to choose (optional). to be sliced

sliced broccoli (optional)

sliced capsicum of different colours
handful of sliced small tomatoes, according to preference

dashes of grated parmesan to garnish. Where can i find this bottled grated parmesan ek?

chili flakes to garnish. I use DP flakes to save money, heh!

How to Cook:

  1. boil the fussilini (or other pasta of your choice) in clear water with 1 spoon of olive oil and half tea spoon of salt, according to how much pasta you use. in my case, it's for a medium-sized bowl enough for 2 people. set aside the pasta once it's fully cooked. should take no more than 10 mins. strain the pasta.
  2. heat the pan with 2 spoons of olive oil and mix with 4 smashed garlic. the number of garlic is up to you, i usually prefer more garlic in my cooking.
  3. once the aroma wafted, mix the deshelled and deveined prawns. add like 6 prawns or more for more seafood taste. as the prawns turn yellow, add dash of black pepper powder and anchovy granules. mix with half teaspoon of salt and dash of mixed herbs.
  4. add optional stuffs like sliced broccoli, black olive, fish balls, frankfurters. stir evenly.
  5. mix with the strained pasta. add sliced capsicum and small tomatoes. stir till evenly cooked.
  6. turn off the fire. garnish the pasta with grated parmesan and chili flakes. ready to eat!

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