Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nasi Goreng Lada Hitam dengan Sotong (Black Pepper Fried Rice with Squid)

(gambar cilok dari sini)

the Ingredients:
precooked white rice

Black pepper fried rice powder mix
1 egg

chicken granules, according to taste

half cup of mixed vege, more if preferrable

chopped chillies in 2 spoons of soy sauce

2 spoons of Oyster sauce
fresh green salad for deco

sliced squids
3 spoons of olive oil for the health-cautious. cooking oil for others

How to cook:
  1. heat pan with olive oil. mix with sliced squids and mixed vege.
  2. add dashes of chicken granules and oyster sauce. add egg.
  3. once the aroma wafted, add rice and the black pepper fried rice powder mix. stir like crazy (heh!)
  4. add chopped chillies in soy sauce. stir evenly.
  5. decorate with fresh green salad in a plate. siap!

the recipe is common enough but is simply delicious, should you ever run out of onions and garlic.

if you don't have the fried rice powder mix, you can substitute it by simply adding ground black pepper powder and chicken granules for taste. however, the taste shall vary a bit.

squids can also be substituted with chicken or prawn or ikan bilis. if you use chicken, just use less oyster sauce.

enjoy trying!

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