Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mazola Cookies: so Easy Peasy!

fondly known as biskut kacang

the Ingredients:

half of a bowl of fine sugar

1 bowl of flour

mazola oil, around 200ml

1 bowl of peanuts, grilled and crushed
half teaspoon of salt

2 chicken egg yolk

how to Bake it:

  1. mix flour with the ground peanuts and sugar. stir evenly.
  2. add mazola oil sparingly until the doh is soft and moldable.
  3. to keep the doh moist and easy to mold, flatten the doh to the wall and the base of the mixing bowl.
  4. make small balls on the tray. press lightly and swipe the yolk on the surface. optional to top it with half nut before the yolk.
  5. using SHARP convection microwave oven, i use the preset button for baking cookies. the oven shall preheat itself and as the screen blinked "add food", insert the cookies for 14 minutes of baking time.
  6. check from time to time. if the yolk is of brownish colour, the cookies are done!

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