Friday, July 6, 2012

Bolognaise Lasagna: a true Campak-campak Experience

quite a feat, 2 back to back Italian dishes in a week. seems like shahsulong really enjoys cooking :)

as a rule of the thumb, i do refer to other recipes before starting on my culinary adventure. and even though i'm quite an amateur in cooking up dishes, one thing i know i excel in is the Bolognaise sauce. yang tu tutup mata pun also can cook one! so this lasagna thingy is made easy by that fact, the red sauce is definitely bolognaise, only less thick (i use only 2 packets of mushroom soup powder and add more water). the white sauce, well, memang a campak mencampak feat.

Alhamdulillah, it turned out all right :pat-patontheback:

the Ingredient:

olive oil to thinly coat the container base

ingredient for red sauce can be done according to here. just need not put meatball and make it less thick.

as for the white sauce:

full cream milk - ready to drink

1 quarter of butter

3 spoons of flour

1 packet of parmesan cheese - more the merrier

How to Cook:

  1. heat the oven to 180 degree celcius
  2. prepare the red sauce
  3. in another pan, heat with butter
  4. as the butter melts, add on the flour. stir like crazy
  5. add on the full cream milk, stir with parmesan cheese until it becomes thickened. the sauce is ready.
  6. take the container, add a thin coat of olive oil to its base
  7. put the lasagna sheets to cover the base. lace with the red sauce, amply.
  8. cover with another sheets. i prefer a zig zag setup, as if you're laying bricks. coat with the white sauce. add another sheets and cover with the red sauce.
  9. the top of the lasagna shall be a lot of red sauce and sprinkle with a handful of grated parmesan cheese
  10. bake in the oven for full 25 mins. if you had a very large lasagna, bake it until some oil appear on the top.
  11. to ensure a very moist lasagna sheet, make sure the red sauce is not that thick from the beginning. it will help make a moist lasagna dish.
  12. siap!

there you are, happy eating!


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