Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pengat Pisang (Milky Banana Savoury) ... and other easy banana dessert

the Ingredients:

10 bananas, sliced
a glass of water

half of the palm sugar. can be substituted with 5 spoons of brown sugar

3 strips of Pandan leaves, knotted

2 spoons of Sago beads

1 tea spoon of Salt

1 glass of Coconut Milk

4 spoons of Sugar
2 spoons of honey
1 egg

1 carton of full cream milk (optional)

How to Cook it:

  1. boil water with sago beads until its colour becomes translucent. add salt, sugar and palm sugar.
  2. add coconut milk and pandan leaves. add full cream milk if you prefer much creamier dessert.
  3. add sliced bananas and honey. mix with egg. stir evenly until it boils before taking it off the stove.
  4. wait for it to cool down and put it into the fridge to serve cold.

i was wondering about the best name to represent the pengat pisang with. FYI, there are a few methods to prepare banana dessert. for those who are health conscious and calorie counting, they can have the banana savoury sans milk as follows:

the gravy is translucent
the gravy is made with translucent sago and a dash of milk for the creamy taste

my fave is of course the one without the coconut milk/full cream milk. other than that, there is also the fried banana with sugar as follows:

banana is fried in 2 spoons of oil and when it's brown, serve it with sugar sprinkles. Easy oh!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Durian Gravy: sinfully delicious :)

the Ingredient:

2 glasses of water

1 box of coconut milk

1 teaspoon of salt

1 big durian

half tub of gula melaka(palm brown sugar)

sugar, to taste
3 Pandan leaves
glutinous rice

How to Cook it:
1. boil the water and add a teaspoon of salt. mix durians and wait for it to peel off in the water.
2. add gula melaka and 2 spoons of sugar, to taste.
3. add a box of coconut milk and pandan leaves. stir evenly until all the stuffs blended nicely. left to cool.
4. cook the glutinous rice with a pinch of salt. serve with the gravy hot or cold.

How to Enjoy it with less calorie:
eat the gravy with hot toasted white Bread

the blogspot is misbehaving in a way that i cannot control much its' setting and whatnots, it's kinda frustrating! anyway, this durian gravy is a must eat for any durian lover, especially the new one. it's not that smelly and when you got a durian that isn't so sweet, you can convert it into a very nice dessert and still manage to sample the goodness of this king of fruit. happy trying!

Steamboat Soup and Sauce: ideal for Friends and Family

the Steamboat setup

the Ingredients:

one cube for every jug of water (1.2 litres or so)
OR one Tom Yam soup cube (optional for tom yam soup)

2 spoons of concentrated chicken stock
chillies, oyster and tomato sauces
bird's eye chillies, crushed
sliced cilantro (coriander leaves)
garlic, crushed (optional)
 sesame seeds (optional)

handful of groundnut, crushed (optional)

How to Cook it:

the Soup (clear on the left and tom yam on the right)

  1. add water and mix with the chicken cube, crushed. Add 2 spoons of concentrated chicken stock to taste. for tom yam soup, substitute chicken cube with tom yam cube. set ready in the multi cooker to boil.
  2. mix the 3 sauces (chili, oyster and tomato), add 3 spoons of the soup. add crushed chillies and sliced cilantro. for a different taste, add crushed garlic, 1 spoon of sesame seed and crushed groundnut (it will be more concentrated).


i got the idea for the recipe from my Mak Nah, in exchange for my Lasagna recipe. it's rather simple, really. but the suggestion for the things to ride the steam boat, ha, that needs more thinking, such so we will get a balanced meal.

you can try these, should mental blocks happen (as it happened to me):

baby carrots

variety of balls

broccoli, sliced

sliced crabsticks
enoki mushrooms

frankfurters, sliced

prawns, deshelled and deveined

white squids, sliced and cleaned

sliced shiitake mushrooms
beehoon, boiled first
wantan mee, loosened
kangkong (chinese water spinach)

quail's eggs
sliced meat (optional to be prepped with garlic and salt)
crabs, cleaned and crushed
baby sawi (park choy)

variety of dim sums